Royall Trifecta Hand Engraved Nickel Plated Brass Body Tricone 12 String


Royall Trifecta 12 String Engraved Nickel Plated Brass Body Tricone Resonator

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We’ve had a few requests in the last year or two for a 12 string tricone and we’re always up for a challenge, so here you go. It’s whole lotta guitar for them that can handle it. We’ll get a sound clip up just as soon as my fingers get tough enough to do it.

This is one has full floral engraving, all done by hand. It’s difficult to get good pictures of the engraving but I hope you can see well enough to get the idea. We’ll do another photo session when we get a minute.

Royall Trifecta Engraved Nickel Finish Brass Body 12 String Tricone Resonator

• 12 fret neck Mahogany with slotted headstock

•  Nickel finished brass body with full floral engraving

•  Nickel finished brass resonator cover  

•  2″ bone nut

•  22.25″ scale

•  20″ body length

•  10.25″ upper bout

•  14.25″ lower bout

•  3.5″ body depth 

•  Blackwood fingerboard

•  Hand spun aluminum Continental cones

•  Vintage Waverly style “Butterbean” tuners

•  Authentic stick and pillar construction

•  Fitted gig bag included at no extra charge



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