Royall Parlor Tenor Resonator Bright Nickel Finish Brass Body


Here is a great sounding full parlor size body with the tenor guitar set up. They sound big and punchy.

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Well, here’s a new addition to the Royall Resonator family. We sometimes have conversations with people who have great ideas for new models for us. We decided to take a stab at this one because of a few persistent people who are pretty sure the world needs TENOR resonators. We’ll soon find out. We don’t have a demo up yet, because none of us know how to play tenor, although we have discovered that this instrument sounds pretty great when tuned as an octave mandolin.

Royall Parlor Tenor Resonator With Bright Nickel Finish

•  Brass body with nickel finish

•  Mahogany neck

•  Blackwood fingerboard

•  23″ scale with 1-1/2″ nut width

•  Hand spun aluminum Continental cone

•  Vintage style tuners

•  Vintage correct stick and pillar construction

•  Pro quality durafoam case included



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