Royall All Ribbon Mahogany Parlorator Limited with Gold Hardware


 Listen to the Royall Maple Parlorator

Royall Parlorator Limited Ribbon Mahogany Parlor Resonator with Pearl & Gold Accents

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A couple of years ago we decided to build some small body “parlor” or “0” size resonators, just for our own amusement, like most of the things we do around here. Well, they turned out to be much cooler than we were expecting, really fun to play, with a unique punchy sound that’s much fuller than we would have guessed. The “Parlorator” model became kind of a big seller for us, bigger than we could handle, candidly. We stopped production for a while so we could gear up to do a better job of producing these and what has turned out to be 31 other models of resonators. And so now here’s our new and improved Parlorator Limited!

Royal Parlorator Limited Ribbon Mahogany Body Parlor Resonator

•  Slotted headstock and 12 fret neck with pearl inlays and neck stripe

•  Premium African Mahogany top, body and neck

•  Gold resonator cover

•  1 13/16″ bone nut

•  25″ scale

•  17″ body length

•  9 1/4″ upper bout

•  12″ lower bout

•  3″ body depth

•  Rosewood fret board

•  Hand spun aluminum Continental cone

•  Heavy geared gold tuners

•  Authentic stick and pillar construction

•  Rosewood biscuit bridge with maple saddle

•  Fitted case included



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