Royal Hawaiian Classic-T

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The Classic-T uses the traditional Weissenborn depth of about 3 1/2 inches rather than our usual extra deep profile of 5 1/2″. This reduces the feedback potential when using the Classic-T in a louder amplified situation.

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The Classic-T uses the traditional Weissenborn depth of about 3 1/2 inches rather than our signature extra deep profile of 5 1/2″. This reduces the volume of the instrument acoustically but also reduces the feedback potential when using the Classic-T in a louder amplified situation. Other than its depth, the Classic-T has all the same features and appointments as the other members of the Royal Hawaiian family except that it uses a simpler equalizer system than the others. The Classic-T’s preamp has 4-bands of EQ but does not have the built-in tuner or notch filter that the Fishman equipped models have.


  • Solid Sapele Mahogany top
  • Sapele back and sides
  • Rope binding on body and fingerboard
  • Mahogany fingerboard with inlaid diamond pearl position markers
  • Bound headstock with Rosewood veneer and inlaid pearl logo
  • Gold and Ebony “violin” tuners
  • Andaman Padouk mustache bridge
  • Custom fit hard shell case included

2 reviews for Royal Hawaiian Classic-T

  1. Steve Rice (verified owner)

    I have over 50 years of experience on stringed instruments, specializing in lap steel, dobro, guitar and banjo. I currently play each weekend in my church orchestra.

    I’ve always wanted a Weissenborn guitar but only recently obtained the “Royal Hawaiian Classic-T” model to add to my collection. I am extremely happy with this purchase for several reasons. First off, the instrument was shipped in it’s hard shell case which is form fitting and actually made for this instrument. After unpacking the instrument, you initially see a beautiful finish including the checkerboard detailed binding and impeccable fret board inlay. After a full inspection of the inside of the sound hole of the instrument, I found the internal bracing and construction to be first-class. This is a well designed and constructed instrument. The acoustic-only sound that this instrument produces is a very subtle and soothing mahogany tone. It doesn’t having the full, booming, high volume sound of a full size dreadnought guitar but this is a Weissenborn and this what they are supposed to sound like.

    I had my initial doubts as to whether the inexpensive pickup, “EQ-7545R” on this instrument would produce quality amplification of the instruments sound. After tuning up the instrument to a very familiar G-Major tuning (D-G-D-G-B-D), I plugged the “Classic-T” into my 60 watt Crate CA6110D acoustic amplifier and started testing it’s limitations and volume capability. This pickup far surpassed any doubts I had about it. The EQ on it works perfectly and it’s volume surpasses the $180 Fishman resophonic pickup I have on my Gibson dobro.

    Pro’s: Fairly inexpensive instrument considering you’re getting a hard shell form-fitting case and very good pickup system with it. The instrument is absolutely beautiful in finish, construction and detail. The acoustic sound produced by this instrument is amazing and crystal clear considering it’s lower body is only 3″ wide. The pickup is excellent. As to this particular instrument, I am extremely satisfied with it.

    Con’s: I would definitely be very careful of your string choice and tunings where these Weissenborns are concerned. Do your research on appropriate Weissenborn tunings, string tension limitations and appropriate string gauges to use on this instrument. There are several Weissenborn string sets available from different makers but again, that all hinges on what tuning you will end up using on your particular instrument.

  2. dbmcbrierty (verified owner)

    I recieved my Classic-T at the beginning of January 2017. It is everything I had hope it would be. Right now I am learning a song played in an Open C tuning CGCEGC, it is a rich and full sounding tuning. The guitar without the amp honked-up sound wonderful, with the amp it over the top.

    I live on the East coast in Maryland so we are having our winter temperatures, which effect the tuning. I find that the guitar goes a little flat over night. I alway tune my guitars before playing, no matter what the season so this NOT a Con for me. Most of my guitars need minor tuning before being played.

    The more I play this guitar the more I love it. Soon I will be playing “Killing the Blues” on a Classic-T by Imperial Guitars very cool.

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