Rosewood XL
Rosewood XL


Whoops, sorry. Sold out of this model, as of December 2014.

This is a brand new model that we are releasing for 2014. It’s the Rosewood and Spruce version of our Royal Hawaiian Limited Edition that we call the Rosewood XL.

The Royal Hawaiian Rosewood XL starts with the same features as the Limited Edition:

  • Extra deep body and hollow neck for increased volume and resonance
  • Rope binding on the top, back and fingerboard
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard with maple markings
  • High quality sealed tuners
  • Fishman Presys+ pickup system

But instead of using the traditional Mahogany or Koa, we’ve built this model with a Spruce top and Rosewood back, sides and neck. Beautiful isn’t it? Besides the visual differences, the tone of the Rosewood XL is a little different from traditional models. It sounds a little brighter, with a more open or “lively” tone. The tonal range is more like a good acoustic guitar than the typically dark tone of Hawaiian guitars.

The Rosewood XL uses our favorite Fishman Sonicore pickup with the Presys+ preamp system. This system features 4 bands of EQ as well as a notch filter for feedback busting and a phase switch, which is another tonal variable that is particularly useful for adding some extra fullness at low volumes. The + part of Presys+ is the built-in tuner, always handy in any case, but especially if you’re going to be changing tunings in the middle of a set.

So far we’ve built 8 of these instruments. As with our other limited editions, there are no options. The Rosewood XL comes with everything we’ve got, including the Fishman Presys+ pickup system and the custom extra deep hard shell case.



The Royal Hawaiian Rosewood XL direct from us price is $848.00. This includes the Fishman pickup system and the hard shell case.

Additional sources

Imperial instruments may also be available at your local independent, non-chain, non big-box music store, like Crossroads Guitar Shop or Guitar Shop of Wisconsin.