Royal Hawaiian Koa KaniWe like guitars. All kinds of guitars. And we’re especially fond of some of the more unique instruments that may be leaning forgotten in the dusty corners of the guitar world.

So in our spare time, which we have plenty of because we are musicians after all, we dream up instruments that we’d like to have for ourselves and then we figure out how to make them.

This all started because I had an original Weissenborn Hawaiian guitar that just didn’t have much volume. It was fine for playing by myself, but in the living room with a couple of other guitars or, God forbid, a banjo, I was just getting drowned out. This is, after all, why Hermann Wiessenborn eventually went out of business back in the ’30’s when resonator guitars started to come on the market, though probably that Great Depression thing didn’t help either.

But then I thought, “Why not just make this thing bigger. That’s got to add some volume.” And that’s when our first instrument started to take shape. With the help of some friends who have a violin factory, a lifetime of fooling around with woodworking and after any number of “learning experiences,” we eventually were able to produce what we had dreamed up, the first Extra Deep, or Ed as we call him around here.

Well so, here’s the thing…it worked. Ed was not only louder but also deeper and richer and just generally more fun to play and people started coming over and wanting to buy one. The next thing we knew we were actually more or less in business, with paperwork and an accountant and everything. That part is not really all that much fun, but what the hell, we get to dream up guitars and then see them come to life.