Imperial Valley Guitar Co. presents our 2017 collection

Many of you have been asking when our new 2017 models would be available. Well, good news! They’re finished up and ready to go out to their new homes. The new pictures are done and they’re up here on the site. We’ve upgraded several features and we’ve also been able to reduce prices a bit. We’re real proud of our new babies and hope you’re going to adopt some of them. AND we have have a whole new line of wood and metal body resonator guitars. We’ve always carried one or two resonators, like the much loved little Parlorators, but we’ve decided to go all in with resonators, because we like ’em, so we’re spinning off the whole deal into a new line we call Royall. Take a look and see what you think.

You will notice, unfortunately, that many of the resonators are showing as out of stock. This is because of new worldwide regulations restricting the importing and exporting of endangered wood species that just came into force in January of 2017. This used to apply to a just few woods, like Brazilian rosewood, but now applies to every kind of rosewood from anywhere in the world, along with some of the other woods typically used in guitars, like Narra. Because the new restrictions came out of nowhere and all of a sudden, nobody had any processes ready to deal with the new regulations. As a result, the entire guitar industry has been on hold for months. The good news is that as of March, 2017 we have our import license and permit in hand and can start bringing in wood again. So we should have new instruments ready to go by May or so.

Well okay then, the new resonators are finally ready to go!

Rosewood is not banned, it just requires a permit for each and every shipment from the CITES organization, certifying where it came from. That part’s not so difficult. The hard part is for all the slow moving, not all that concerned about it government agencies to decide how they want us to handle it. This has lead to a classic situation of it depends who you get on the phone what the regulations are today. As a result, nobody in the guitar industry has been any too anxious to be the guinea pig who gets his container of wood seized because he filed Form 1272111-A instead of Form 1272111-B.

But what the hell, we went ahead and did it and now we’ve got all kinds of official looking new certificates and permits and as far as I can tell, we’re all legit and everything. So we have some guitars ready for you and we also have a couple of new models too.

Well, we actually have 31 new models. We’re kind of way into this resonator thing. We tried to cover every possible permutation (except, no doubt, the exact permutation that you want). The one thing we’re not making is standard single cones, on account of you can buy them easily enough already and we’re not really interested in participating in the inevitable race to the bottom of the price/quality heap. So we’re making parlor resonators with both wood and metal bodies, tricones with both wood and metal bodies, including the wood body with brass top Frankenstein model. We’re making cutaway tricones too, metal only.

We also made some square neck tricones this time because we got quite a few requests for them last year, and…uh…I wanted one myself. And we made some more wood bodied Triolians, because they’re cool that’s why. Triolians have a body somewhere between a parlor and a full size Duolian size.

Oh wait I forgot, we did too make about a dozen full sized Duolian style single cones so we could etch palms trees on them.