Royal Hawaiian Teardrop
Royal Hawaiian Teardrop

Sorry, these are sold out. Please go to our 2015 models.

The Return of The Deep Teardrop for 2015.

Here is our Royal Hawaiian Limited Edition Teardrop, an instrument that someone has needed to make since about 1933. For the Royal Hawaiian Teardrop, we brought our extra deep body over from the standard model and added “rope” binding to the top, back, fingerboard and headstock. The rope binding, as any Weissenborn nut will tell you, is just the coolest thing ever. Plus it’s really hard to make, so we hope you’ll appreciate it. Then we added the Fishman Sonicore pickup with their Presys+ preamp system. This system features 4 bands of EQ, a notch filter for feedback busting and a phase switch, useful for adding some extra fullness at low volumes. The + part of Presys+ is the built-in tuner, always handy in any case, but especially if you’re going to be changing tunings in the middle of a set. And then we decided to use some really super high quality gold tuners with ebony buttons, because playing in tune is a good thing.

Now about the available options.

There aren’t any. The Limited Edition Teardrop comes decked out with everything we’ve got, including the Fishman PreSys+ pickup system.

Limited Edition Features

  • Extra deep body and hollow neck for increased volume and resonance
  • Solid Sapele top
  • Laminated Sapele back, sides & neck
  • Rope binding on the top, back, fingerboard & headstock
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard with maple markings
  • Diamond inlays
  • Gold and ebony sealed “violin” tuners
  • Fishman Presys+ pickup system with built-in tuner

*I’m sorry to say that we don’t have a case for this model. We have been unable to convince any case company so far to make one up for us because we make so few of these instruments. If anybody has any ideas, we’d really like to hear about them. There’s gotta be some kind of balalaika case or something else out there that we can fit this into.