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Royal Hawaiian Koa KaniAs you might know, our workshop is in Montecito, California, recently famed for wildfires and mudslides. We just barely dodged the fires. We were surrounded on three sides by flames but they managed to stop the fire at the next road over from us, so that was just a bit stressful.

Then just after we were able to get back in here after being evacuated for 10 days, the mudslide came and we did not dodge that one. Our workshop was hit with a wall of water and debris which washed away most of our machinery and left 2 feet of mud in the shop. So we have a little work to do and a lot of stuff to replace.

The only good news part of this is that we don’t actually keep the guitars in the workshop, except for whatever we are working on at the moment, so the workshop is toast but the guitars were fine. it did take us kind of a while to get everything put back together but we are back in action and we have just finished up the 2020 run, so we actually have everything in stock and ready to go.

This last year we had a lot of interest in the two high end models, the Ali’ki and the Koa, so we’ve stocked up on those, as well as the Limiteds and Classic-T’s

I wasn’t going to make any Double O models this year because nobody was buying them…until suddenly lots of people were buying them, so I made up a handful in Koa because it’s just so damn pretty.

We’ve pared down the Weissenborn models to the four most popular, so we’ve been able to reduce prices a bit for you, even though we’ve upgraded the features. All models now use the deluxe gold and ebony tuners and all models are sporting diamond inlays, except the Ali’ki Special which uses the pre-war Martin style snowflake inlays.

I’ve also changed to using mahogany or koa fingerboards on all models, partly because of the new hassles with importing (and exporting) rosewood, and partly because it’s a more authentic way to build these things. Also I think it looks pretty cool. I’ll get new pictures up as soon as I can dig my camera out of the mud and find someplace to do it. The tree where I usually photograph the guitars survived the flood but now has a new enormous boulder in front of it. It’s too bad, the light was always great on that tree.

We’re also going to be doing more wood and metal bodied resonators this year. We spun off the resonators into a new line called Royall last year and we’ll keep working on that project as we get time.

Feel free to keep leaving us comments and feedback. We value your input.

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  1. jdbritton
    | Reply

    Cool. Very very cool.
    Love the sound
    Let me consider a purchase. Come w or w/o cases?

    • Greg Loeb
      | Reply

      Everything comes with a case except the Teardrops, because we haven’t found anyone who will make a small number of eccentric cases. Any leads would be appreciated.

  2. Paul Waid
    | Reply

    I’ve had my Imperial Double O now since Christmas, 2014 and I love it. Great looks and a great sound to match. I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Douglas a few weeks ago and he signed it. He was quite impressed with the guitar!

  3. Dyron Manning
    | Reply

    Will you be getting the wood body tricone guitar anytime soon

  4. Joseph Barker
    | Reply

    I need one of these

  5. Mann60
    | Reply

    Great sound I love this guita
    Thanx fella

  6. George Meadows
    | Reply

    Received my ALI’ KI MODEL last week. I finally got to set down and look it over and ” fool around ” with it. I am so impressed by the workmanship built into the Instrument and the mahogany material is beautiful, even though I ordered this particular model for tone quality (all wood construction) rather than looks. This is my first weissenborn, so I’m new to it all, being a fret picker all my life. Have chosen open d tuning to start with, wish me luck

  7. Patrick
    | Reply

    I was wondering if you ever do any lefties?

    • The Dudes
      | Reply

      We can set up any single cone as a lefty. The tricones are a different story but we are going to put some together later this fall.

  8. Michel Royboz
    | Reply

    I have now my magic new 2019 new Royall Palmulator, this guitar is beautiful ( nickel single cone with palm trees ) and the sound is top of the top . I like this company they have a good spirit and they work very well ,they are very pro before to buy, during and after ( a special thanks for your help griffin )
    You can buy ” eyes closed “, it’s less expensive than National or Dobro and the sound and the quality are better
    thank you again
    Michel ( Canada )

  9. Gsrth Osborn
    | Reply

    I found your site while researching Weissenborn guitars.

    I first heard one in 2010. Ed Gerhard played one and blew my mind.

    I play a lot of slide guitar and prefer the more organic sound of wood to resonators.

    So…glad you are up and running again. I’m saving my nickels for an “Ed.”

    Garth in Oregon

  10. Sergio Santos
    | Reply

    I purchased the Ali-Ki model received on the day it was expected very well packed , what beautiful instrument nice finishing all around and sounds great and when I plug it to amp its magic , I can’t stop playing it and no better reason to stay home .Thank you Griffin for your attention before I made a decision on the model . YES I recommended to a friend .
    I love the Ali-Ki extra deep body has amazing beautiful sound.

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