Our 2017 guitars are ready go to your house

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Royal Hawaiian Koa KaniThanks to all of you who have been asking about what we have in stock. I’m pleased to let you know that all of our 2017 guitars are finished up and ready to go to their new homes.

We’ve pared down the Weissenborn models to the five most popular, so we’ve been able to reduce prices a bit for you, even though we’ve upgraded the features. All models now use the deluxe gold and ebony tuners and all models are sporting diamond inlays, except the Ali’ki Special which uses the pre-war Martin style snowflake inlays.

I’ve also brought back a new version of the Double O model that we made a couple of years ago. The Double O’s main feature is a full 2 octave fingerboard. I’ll get some pictures up as soon as I can get to it.

We’re going to be doing more wood and metal bodied resonators this year. We’re spinning off the resos into a new line called Royall, but for now they’ll be here on the Imperial site. We’ll keep you posted on that.

Feel free to keep leaving us comments and feedback. We value your input.

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  1. jdbritton
    | Reply

    Cool. Very very cool.
    Love the sound
    Let me consider a purchase. Come w or w/o cases?

    • Greg Loeb
      | Reply

      Everything comes with a case except the Teardrops, because we haven’t found anyone who will make a small number of eccentric cases. Any leads would be appreciated.

  2. Paul Waid
    | Reply

    I’ve had my Imperial Double O now since Christmas, 2014 and I love it. Great looks and a great sound to match. I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Douglas a few weeks ago and he signed it. He was quite impressed with the guitar!

  3. Dyron Manning
    | Reply

    Will you be getting the wood body tricone guitar anytime soon

  4. Joseph Barker
    | Reply

    I need one of these

  5. Mann60
    | Reply

    Great sound I love this guita
    Thanx fella

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